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Emma: the unconventional story of a mattress

“And the award for Best Mattress of the Year goes to…”

Everyone held their breath. There was excitement and tension in the air


“Wow! This is amazing!”

Emma held her award high and leaned into the microphone.

The cameras flashed, the lights blinded, and Emma thought back to how it all began in Frankfurt, Germany in 2015…

It seemed like just yesterday Emma was only a dream and a pile of memory foam. But the dream soon became a reality as Emma grew into an ambitious, inquisitive mattress full of questions: “Mamma, what kind of foam mattress am I?” “Mamma, am I the best mattress for bad back?” “Mamma, when will I get my pillows?

Right before everyone’s eyes, Emma became an exceptional memory foam mattress that had the talent for delivering comfort and support. Thanks to patented technology, Emma provides back and shoulder support and spinal alignment for every sleeping position.

Emma began getting noticed and winning awards. So far, Emma has won the prestigious Which? Best Buy (2018), Good Housekeeping Institute (2019), Best Buy (2019), Indy/Best (2019) and Ideal Home (2019). It was time to share good sleep with the world.

International travel made Emma socially responsible. Present in 20 countries on 4 continents, Emma helps economies by being produced locally.

Emma looked at her award and smiled. She thought to herself, “The best award is knowing that people sleep better.” Restful sleep is what Emma is about. And Emma is looking forward to waking more and more people up smiling brighter and feeling happier.

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Our Team

Our headquarters are located in Frankfurt, Germany. We have one of the most international teams in this city and we are always eager to embrace new cultures, ideas and values.

  • 56languages spoken at Emma HQ
  • 300+no of devoted Emma employees
  • 28the average age of an Emma employee
  • 45Nationalities

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